Cable and pipelines protection have a significant environmental impact. Government Natural Resources Authorities regulate and restrict impact of  inshore submarine activities specially in environment sensible areas. Our capability is to protect the customer's product with eco-friendly operations of recognized sustainability and authorities approval.

Sisgen has performed burial and trenching works in Posidonia and Cymodocea bottom, Marine Parks and preserved areas. All protection activities have been carried out under monitoring and approval by Environment Authorities. To manage protection and stabilization works we developed  systems and equipment totally insulated from surrounding waterbody and sea bottom which minimize the impacts on flora and benthos.

The system is based on 3 simple rules:

1. Reduce the trench dimensions to minimize soil mobilization.

2. Minimize water turbidity by close circuit dredging system

3. Restore the seabed to original condition and avoid hydrodynamic influence on the bottom and on product.



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Cable and Pipelines. Stabilization Protection Services.


Trenching in sensible  areas with a system totally insulated by water body.


Alternatively Cable Anchoring trenchless System Stabilization on the seabed.

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